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Energy Management
Energy management doesn’t have to be difficult. Using Apollo Energy Tech’s expertise, experience and passion, businesses can learn what to look for on energy bills, how to monitor their energy use and, most importantly, how to reduce their energy use.

Apollo Energy Tech firstly need to collect data on your companies energy use. To do this, they monitor your business for a month. They will look at things like your business hours, your equipment, your energy bills and every aspect of your energy use.

They reduce your energy tariff by entering it into a reverse auction, where energy companies bid to give you the best tariff.

Apollo Energy Tech then suggests instant and long term actions your business can take to reduce its energy use. This could be anything from staggering start times to reducing your peak energy demand, to replacing inefficient lighting within your business.

After this, Apollo Energy Tech look at the environment surrounding your company building, and assess whether it would be suitable for the installation of generation technologies. These technologies would generate energy, so your business buys less from the national grid. You could even get paid to export the energy you don’t use back to the national grid, or get government incentives for creating your own power.

If you would like to install a high power solar panel it is advisable to use a qualified electrician to do the installation for safety and compliance with standards. If you are going a greener way, you might as well also add improved more efficient heaters to your house to make sure that none of that energy that is collected is wasted.

All of this ensures that you are now effectively reducing your carbon footprint and bills, as well as taking control and managing your energy use.

Nottingham Declaration

Welcome to the Nottingham Declaration website. The world is facing a crisis the likes of which it has never known before, and it is one of our own making.

Our addiction to the use of fossil fuels to power our cities and societies has led to the poisoning of our atmosphere.

Our only hope is to change our ways as soon as we can, by making use of sustainable energy sources such as solar panels and wind farms to give us the power we need, without harming our world. If you have any questions about Nottingham Declaration, contact us and we will endeavour to answer them.